A Little Bit About Where This Venture Came From

The vision for Legacy Junction has its roots in a lifelong fascination with the Old West, particularly for Robert Wood, the visionary behind this endeavor. Inspired by iconic television shows like Bonanza, Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, The Big Valley, Gunsmoke, and Rawhide during his formative years, Mr. Wood was deeply moved by the emphasis on family values, honor, and the responsibility toward one’s neighbors and community portrayed in these programs. It was from these shows that the seeds of Legacy Junction were planted.

For Mr. Wood, Legacy Junction represents more than just entertainment—it’s a culmination of a lifelong dream. He envisioned a community that not only provided entertainment but also served as an educational platform. As a seasoned safety professional and the founder of the Occupational Safety Training Institute (OSTI), Mr. Wood, along with other Board members, recognized the pressing need to assist both temporarily displaced veterans and non-veterans alike.

Drawing from his own experiences as a veteran, Mr. Wood intimately understands the challenges veterans face when transitioning to civilian life. This firsthand experience ignited the passion to create a haven where individuals, particularly veterans, could find support, regain self-respect, and access life-changing opportunities. Thus, Legacy Junction began to take shape as not only a destination for entertainment and education about the American West but also as a sanctuary where veterans and others could find pathways to transform their lives.

The driving force behind Legacy Junction is a vision of a Western town that serves as a catalyst for positive change. Mr. Wood, alongside a dedicated group of veterans, commenced the development of Legacy Junction—a place where learning, entertainment, and transformation converge.

If you are interested in learning more about our efforts to assist the temporarily displaced or wish to

contribute, please visit www.HDHIREd.org, the Occupational Safety Training Institute, or scan the QR Code.

We use the term “Temporary Displaced” instead of “Homeless” intentionally, aiming for a more positive and supportive portrayal of individuals facing such circumstances.

For Legacy Junction, this vision is not just a dream; it’s a mission to create a legacy of support, education, and transformation.